Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

In the late stages of compound discovery, deciding whether to nominate a compound for a full development effort requires a deep understanding of risks and efficacy, potential toxicity, as well as scalability and stability.

As your IND enabling partner, Averica’s services help teams answer the questions that assess the developability of a compound, and ensure that supply of critical assay material is never an issue.

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Chiral Separation

Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

Chromatography is your best solution for enantiomer supply at the early and intermediate stages of lead candidate profiling.  Chiral separation… Read more

Impurity Isolation

Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

Impurity isolation and identification offers you critical information on the structure of your impurity, triggering synthesis efforts that contribute directly to… Read more

Analytical Development

Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

Averica Offers HPLC Method Development & Validation Services Our scientists develop analytical methods that are robust, transferable, reproducible, and designed to generate… Read more