Speeding Drug Discovery
into Development

Averica Discovery, a Neopharm Labs company, is an analytical development and preparative chromatography CRO, specialized in small molecule analysis and purification. 

Since our founding in 2007, Averica Discovery has built a reputation for excellence, speed, and solving tough problems. We provide the material and analysis you need when you need it.

Averica’s chromatography systems contain custom innovations, delivering the fastest turnaround and highest recovery without sacrificing quality.


We have designed our laboratories to provide comprehensive impurity support for CMC specialists and product development teams from preclinical to commercial stages of development.

Our extensive chromatographic expertise provide development teams with accurate values for experimental physicochemical properties of their lead compounds.

Chiral preparative chromatography can support purification of a variety of difficult to purify substances (natural products, impurities and degradants, external contaminants). 

Increasing attention on impurities in product development (degradants, solvents, external contaminants, genotoxic impurities, organic or inorganic) places an unprecedented burden on sponsors. 

Unlock the Potential of Your Developing Drug

Averica has built a proven track record in providing clients with high quality materials, and the information they need to transition projects from discovery into development. This ability starts by understanding the specific needs of each project. Please give us a brief description of the needs for your project in the contact form below.

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