Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

Averica Discovery specializes in analytical method development

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We help pharmaceutical chemists develop robust, reliable, validation-ready methods

Empowering your team to make the best decisions and hit drug development milestones

Our strength is in understanding and defining goals so that projects come in on time and target


Method Development

Developing analytical methods that are robust, transferable, reproducible, and designed to generate quality results is the ultimate goal. Averica’s method development services ensure that your team makes the best decisions and hits drug development milestones. Read more...


Pharmaceutical Impurities

Increasing attention on impurities in product development (degradants, solvents, external contaminants, genotoxic impurities, organic or inorganic) places an unprecedented burden on sponsors. Read more..


Physical Properties

Obtain detailed quantitative results from physical properties assessment using a range of chromatography technologies. More information coming soon.


Purification and Chiral Separation

Chiral preparative chromatography can support purification of a variety ofdifficult to purify substances (natural products, impurities and degradants, external contaminants). Read more...


GMP Services

Together, Averica and Neopharm Labs offer R&D support including GMP services such as validation and stability testing, and services that support CMC product development and commercial stage testing. Read more...