About Us

Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

Make Your Best Decisions, as Quickly as Possible

Averica Discovery is an analytical development contract research organization (CRO). We work with pharmaceutical development teams to shorten timelines in the R&D process.  Since our founding in 2007, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence, speed, and an ability to solve tough problems.

In late 2016, we were acquired by Neopharm Labs Inc.  Based in the Montreal area, Neopharm has a 25-year history of excellence in pharmaceutical testing and analysis.  In combining the two companies, we’ve developed a fully integrated platform of services capable of taking your program from preclinical stage to commercial launch.

Averica and Neopharm are expanding operations in both Boston and Montreal.  The two sites offer our clients both R&D and GMP analytical services, unique preparative and analytical chromatography services (including Averica’s well-known Supercritical Fluid Chromatography platform), and a cross-border consultative project management team capable of working with your candidate or product at any stage of development or production.

Improving human health is our goal as well as yours.  Developing a new medicine to reach that goal is a long and difficult process; but with well-designed studies and solid data, you can make better and faster decisions.

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