5 Reasons Why People Start a CRO

A companion article to 11 Questions to Ask Before Starting a CRO, in this article Jeffrey Kiplinger, President and Founder of Averica, talks about the reasons why he and his peers started a CRO. Dr. Kiplinger has 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical and related industries, working extensively in the discovery and optimization of small molecule human and veterinary therapeutics.

Video from North Shore Technology Council (NSTC) First Friday seminar on Aug 1, 2014

The real reasons that people start CRO’s don’t really have a lot to do with thinking back to when you started the CRO and saying, “that’s the reason I started it”. Starting a CRO has a lot to do with gut decisions; that you can do something that is useful…that you can leverage your scientific expertise which is being poorly appreciated inside a big bureaucratic corporate structure, etc.

Almost all of the following bullet points are reasons that I have heard from myself and my peers:

  • “I want to take more risk.”
  • “I want to really do something with this technology.”
  • “They’re under appreciating my value.”
  • “I could make this more valuable if I could just focus and not have to go to so many team meetings all the time.”

But at the end of the day, looking back seven years, the only idea that meant anything was the one at the end of this list:

  • “I have a customer, actually, more than one.”

If you can say that, then you have something that actually makes it worth it. The reality is that you have a peer network out there, and if someone says “I would pay for your services”, then they know you bring value.

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