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Isomer Isolation from Compounds with Multiple Chiral Centers

In this webinar, we discuss Averica Discovery’s approach to the isolation of individual isomers, specifically from compounds with multiple chiral centers. 

Highly pure or isomerically pure test samples of drugs in development not only guarantee more reliable results, but are also absolutely required for certain types of testing– toxicity, for example. Averica’s chromatography processes deliver qualified compounds fast by combining the latest technology and scientific expertise.

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About the Presenters

Averica Paul Lefebvre

Paul Lefebvre, General Manager, Averica Discovery

General Manager of Averica Discovery since 2018, Paul has worked in separations and purification for over 25 years. His experience with purification has been as both a vendor and a customer. Joining Averica in 2008, he has worked to grow the company into a full service chromatography CRO including purification by SFC and HPLC.

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