Science of Stability 2018

Averica Discovery Services, Inc. 
Boston, MA 
October 22, 2018–October 23, 2018 

Paul Lefebvre will attend and present at Science of Stability 2018 annual Conference. Dr. Lefebvre will discuss an approach that uses SFC to isolate pharmaceutical degradants.

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Missed our poster at SOS?

You can now download it here. The poster discusses approach that uses SFC to isolate pharmaceutical degradants.

Isolation of Pharmaceutical Degradants Using Supercritical Fluid
Chromatography (SFC)


Chromatographic isolation of degradants, whether from stressed lots of pharmaceutical compounds or directly from the API, can be a painstaking process for the analytical laboratory.  Peaks of interest must selected based on chromatographic signatures and often must be profiled by varying degradation conditions, and the degradant peaks – which may be trace components in the mixture – isolated in sufficient quantity for structure elucidation by MS/MS and NMR.  Generally a suite of analytical instrumentation and multiple chromatographic methods are required, and the final isolation can be a slow process of accumulating one fraction over many chromatographic injections. We demonstrate that using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) in place of traditional reversed-phase and normal phase HPLC timelines can be greatly reduced by leveraging the rapid method development cycle of SFC and the high efficiency of preparative separations.  In addition, the lability of degradants during the isolation process may be minimized in common SFC solvent systems and by the collection of highly concentrated fractions.
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