Chiral Separation

Averica Discovery Services, Inc.

Chromatography is your best solution for enantiomer supply at the early and intermediate stages of lead candidate profiling.  Chiral separation is fast and easy to scale-up, so that you don’t have to worry about compound supply while moving a discovery program toward development.  The high efficiency of preparative SFC delivers highly pure compound from milligrams to kilograms.


  • Material for mechanistic studies, differential activity, structural biology, in vivo toxicology, or advanced profiling
  • Water sensitive, unstable, difficult to purify compounds, or compounds with multiple chiral centers
  • Targeted purification of a desired enantiomer or isomer. Recycle the distomer, or use it for physical properties testing
  • “Polishing” compounds to achieve needed enantiomeric excess (ee)

Preparative chromatography also offers a reliable and cost-effective purification solution.  Whether polishing a batch of compound to achieve a hard-to-meet purity standard, producing reference standard material, removing a problematic impurity, or isolating an unknown degradant; we apply the same highly efficient preparative SFC and HPLC technology to solve the problem.

Averica’s chromatography systems contain custom innovations, delivering the fastest turnaround and highest recovery without sacrificing any quality.  Upon completion of a project clients receive highly pure compounds, an optimized method, and detailed reporting and analytics.

Instrument & Detection Systems
  • SFC – Preparative & Analytical
  • HPLC – Preparative & Analytical
  • RP LC – Preparative & Analytical
  • UPC2
  • UPLC
  • GC
  • ELSD
  • MS
  • CAD Detection
  • PDA/UV
  • NMR
  • Accurate Mass MS
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    View Our Process In Action - Video: Life of a Chiral Sample

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    The Averica Advantage

    • Fastest turnaround & highest recovery
    • Highest success rate at over 95%
    • Detailed method reporting & analytics
    • Turnaround in DAYS, not weeks or months – even at larger scale
    • DEA Schedule I-V compounds
    • Success-oriented and highly responsive team with many years of pharmaceutical experience