Chiral Separation

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SMall or Large scale chiral separation

We deliver finished compounds at scales for milligram to kilogram. Often smaller samples are processed in a few days, and the processes we develop are scalable as your program needs escalate.

Highly pure or isomerically pure test samples of drugs in development not only guarantee more reliable results, but are also absolutely required for certain types of testing – toxicity, for example. Waiting for a scalable chemistry process that can deliver material of high purity and chiral purity can delay a program. Our chromatography processes deliver qualified compounds fast.

The Averica Advantage

Fast and Easy To Scale-Up

Averica’s chromatography systems contain custom innovations, delivering the fastest turnaround and highest recovery without sacrificing any quality. Upon completion of a project clients receive highly pure compounds, an optimized method, and detailed reporting and analytics.

Averica’s depth of experience with HPLC method development and method qualification makes us uniquely suited to provide chromatography methods that result in projects delivered on time and on target.

Chromatography Solutions that fit your timeline and budget

Chiral Separation & Evaluation of Enantiomers

Chiral Method Development

We can develop chiral chromatography methods that are:

Preparative Chromatography

Fastest Turnaround & Highest Recovery

Highest Success Rate at Over 95%

Detailed Method Reprting & Analytics

US-based Scientific Team

Turnaround in DAYS, not Weeks or Months - Even at Larger Scale

DEA Schedule I-V Compounds

Success-oriented, Highly Responsive, & Experienced Team


Instrument and Detective Systems