Physical Properties

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We Understand a compound's physical properties

Averica helps late state lead development teams understand the physiochemical properties of their lead compound.

Our assay panel includes several components designed to study compound properties relevant to bioavailability. Our goal is to understand the most soluble and stable environment for your compound.

Averica uses HPLC and multiple detection capabilities as the core technology for these studies. Unlike other analytical protocols, HPLC assays can work with impure and degrading compounds. Using this approach we gain critical information at early stages of development that inform decision-making throughout preclinical study.

The Averica Advantage

Averica scientists understand both the requirements of the method and the requirements of the compound. We define and evaluate key method parameters and identify critical quality attributes. Methods we develop are fit for purose, ranged properly, and can be quickly validated. 

The solubility of compounds in vivo is determined by their physical properties. Solubility affects: 


pH/Solubility Profiling

Solubility in Vehicle Screening

PSA - Indirect Measurement Through EPSA

Averica was the first contract research lab to offer the EPSA assay, an extension of our deep expertise in SFC technologies and methods

Compound Stability

Log D

Instrument and Detective Systems

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