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Averica discovery Services

We specialize in analytical method development.

Averica provides pharmaceutical development teams with first-class solutions that help them make the best decisions and hit their drug development milestones.


Averica’s chromatography systems contain custom innovations, delivering the fastest turnaround and highest recovery in purification without sacrificing any quality. Upon completion of a project clients receive highly pure compounds, an optimized method, and detailed reporting and analytics.

pharmaceutical impurities

Averica is unique in our approach to impurity isolation, in that we use our scalable separation expertise to isolate significant amounts of unknown chemical impurities.

method development

Averica’s method development services ensure that your team make the best decisions and hit drug development milestones.


physical properties and testing

We offer a full range of testing and storage services to meet the performance needs of our clients.

neopharm lab Services

In late 2016, we were acquired by Neopharm Labs Inc. Based in the Montreal area, Neopharm has a 25-year history of excellence in pharmaceutical testing and analysis. In combining the two companies, we’ve developed a fully integrated platform of services capable of taking your program from preclinical stage to commercial launch.

GMP Validation

We have two distinct GMP validation departments; chemistry and microbiology. Each validation department is dedicated to development, validation, verification, recovery and inter-laboratory transfer of analytical methods.

gmp quality assurance

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality in analytical (chemistry, chromatography, microbioology) services.

gmp microbiology & sterility

We offer complete microbiology and sterility testing to help ensure the safety of various products and ingredients including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, vitamins, water, veterinary products, natural health products, etc.