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Stability Temperature Cycling Studies to Justify Transportation Excursions

The presentation will outline practical approaches to consider when performing temperature cycling studies to justify transportation excursions based on current guidelines and best industry practices.

The presentation involves an exchange of ideas in a question and answer format. The topics explored will include elements of validating shipping routes and the variables to consider when designing such studies.

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About the Presenter

Vincent Petruccio, B.Sc., Manager, Stability, Neopharm Labs

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Vincent Petruccio presently serves as the Manager of Stability at Neopharm Labs. This thought-provoking role allows him to apply his experience and knowledge of stability programs in the pharmaceutical industry to satisfy the ever evolving regulatory and business requirements of customers from the life sciences industry.

Vincent has nearly twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the course of his career, he has designed stability programs for both the development and commercial phases. He has been implicated in establishing global strategies for both the generic and innovative markets which have enabled him to acquire a solid expertise in the subject matter.

His past accomplishments include the introduction of reduced study designs on marketed products, regulatory statistical justifications for specification acceptance criteria, and the start-up of a regulatory compliant stability programs department.

Vincent holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Managing Information System certificate at Concordia University.

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