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Webinar High Throughput, bulk & chiral purification

High Throughput, Bulk & Chiral Purification: Material Supply on Demand


We discuss the ability of chiral chromatography to provide enantiomerically pure material from a wide range of starting material from single to multiple stereocenter mixture, to already chirally enriched material.  Also, the challenges and benefits from both a scientific and a project management perspective to help understand the role chiral chromatography plays in proving enantiomerically pure material.

Isomer Isolation from Compounds with Multiple Chiral Centers

We discuss Averica Discovery’s approach to the isolation of individual isomers, specifically from compounds with multiple chiral centers. 

Highly pure or isomerically pure test samples of drugs in development not only guarantee more reliable results, but are also absolutely required for certain types of testing– toxicity, for example. Averica’s chromatography processes deliver qualified compounds fast by combining the latest technology and scientific expertise.

EPSA Assay 101

EPSA is a supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) technique for peptides that enables improved permeability design and can be used as a permeability surrogate. This method assesses polarity by retention time using controlled SFC conditions in a standardized method.

In this webinar, Gilles Goetz, Ph.D., an original developer of EPSA, will present the background and preliminary implementation. We will then hear from professionals in the industry about their own experiences using EPSA through a panel discussion and Q+A session.

High Throughput, Bulk, & Chiral Purification

We discuss Averica Discovery’s approach to analytical and preparative chromatography with emphasis on Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC).

Averica’s chromatography experience allows them to derive a unique, reliable, and cost-effective purification strategy for each drug development project.

Isolation and Characterization of Pharmaceutical Impurities

Several different case studies were used to highlight the various strategies employed resulting in successful impurity identification. 

We also discussed how we use preparative SFC (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography) to derive a unique strategy for every project.

Nitrosamines in Pharmaceuticals: What are your options as October 1, 2020 approaches?

Learn about some key concepts for a better understanding of proper risk assessment strategies.

Stability Temperature Cycling Studies to Justify Transportation Excursions

Learn practical approaches for performing temperature cycling studies to justify transporation excusrions.

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